476T Duraclamps Securing Brake Metal 

Full Load with 476 Duraclamps


476 Duraclamps Securing Square Tubing on Standard Spline Bar


508 Duraclamps on Champagne Extrusions


508 Duraclamps Securing a Full Load of Dark Bronze Extrusions


Hand Tightening of 508 Duraclamps


508 Duraclamp Closing Electrical Contact 
 476T Duraclamp with Support Piece for Heavy Extrusion 476 Duraclamps on Standard Spline Bar with Polypropylene Support 
   Proper Drainage with Duraclamp Load
 508 Duraclamp on a Color Load  


DuraclampProudly serving the Metal Finishing industry for more than 40 years.

Quality products made in the USA.

Duraclamp is manufactured by Burlingham International. Be sure to view the other quality products that we offer.

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