Instructions for Model HT3

Your Duralok Torque Wrench is pre-set to slip when 60 inch pounds of torque are applied. The factory set maximum torque should be more than adequate to properly secure parts to a work bar. If you require a different setting for a specific job on your anodizing line, please contact our offices at 1 (800) 659-5506 for further instructions.


Pull the blue sleeve up or towards the T handle in order for the torque wrench to ratchet as you tighten the screw into the Duraclamp frame during the racking process.  Please note that the blue sleeve must be pulled up to insure that the torque wrench will slip at the pre-set torque level. 


Slide the blue sleeve down or away from the T handle to lock the torque wrench in place and prevent ratcheting for the unracking of Duraclamps.  As noted above, the torque wrench will not slip at the pre-set torque level if the sleeve is in the down position.

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