DURALOK™ FASTENING TOOLS are torque devices specifically manufactured to secure and release Duraclamps® and the Bolts. Each tool is individually set at the perfect torque to prevent over-tightening and provide excellent contact. A complete line of torque limiting tools are now available to meet your specific needs.

DURALOK™ SOCKETS are designed to quickly couple Duraclamps® or the Bolts to your torque devices. The sockets accommodate a 3/8″ drive and are easily snapped on to any one of the Duralok™ Fastening Tools.

Type: 318 Socket
Description: Fits 318 Duraclamps

Type: 476 Socket
Description: Fits 476 Duraclamps

Type: Multi-Use Socket
Description: Fits 390, 508 and 635 Duraclamps

Type: 1016 Socket
Description: Fits 1016 Duraclamps