Industrial Duraclamp

The super tough plastic clamp that does everything a metal clamp can do and more.

Super Strong

Tests show that Duraclamps can withstand high levels of torque in the most difficult environments.

No Rust

Duraclamps can be stored forever in your tool box and never corrode. Totally resistant to most chemicals, they’ll always work as good as new.

Shock Proof

Ideal for use around electrical jobs. Because Duraclamps are molded from composite materials, they’re completely non-conductive.


Easy to handle, perfect for those difficult do-it-yourself projects.

Industrial Duraclamps are available in the 318, 476, 635 and 1016 Models.

Mouth Openings are as follows:
318 = 0.75 inch (19.05 mm);
476 = 1.375 inch (34.93 mm);
635 = 1.875 inch (47.63 mm);
1016 = 3.50 inch (88.90 mm)